These are the videos that I feature in my blog posts….if you want to see more of what we get up to then check out Josh’s YouTube channel!

Josh’s YouTube channel:


Video review on Fjallraven Kanken Big and what I packed for two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia


Josh got pulled into a street dancing group while we were picnicking near Han River. Dancing ensued, enjoy.


Amazing video Josh made of our time at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Totally amazing!


A video in which Josh and I eat sour candy…and then show a bunch of clips of us giving Warheads to our students!


No visit to Phi Phi is complete without a trip to Monkey Beach! The monkeys on this beach are not afraid of people and if given the chance, they will steal your snacks…I learned this the hard way!


Here we are taking a private long tail boat around the Phi Phi islands for some snorkeling and good times on a boat!


Watch us eat the elusive Honey Butter Chips and the less elusive Honey Tong Tong!


So we decided to go the a Ladyboy Cabaret Show while in Thailand. Not knowing what to expect we were pretty impressed with the performances. Here is a short compilation video of some of the acts.


Getting Fish Pedicures in Thailand….not for me! Watch the whole thing, the video has a great ending.


Zorbing in Thailand….was amazing fun. I would recommend it to anyone…who doesn’t suffer from motion sickness or claustrophobia!


We had an AMAZING New Year’s Eve in the beautiful Haeundae. Complete with impromptu fireworks on the beach.


Getting my haircut in Busan…shot timelapse style. Eunji is on the front right, I am in the middle back area.


We made our own stockings for Christmas this year. It was good fun, although I have to say I think I was the one who took the decorating super seriously….maybe too seriously???


Ice skating at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul…with a bunch of children.


Here we are setting up Korean Christmas Tree!!!


Our APARTMENT TOUR…shot in the MTV Cribs style, of course!


Great times enjoying the warm weather in the country!


So…what do you do when you are teaching students who haven’t experienced Halloween??? You show them what they’ve been missing 🙂


So…Josh and I were on Korean TV for about 20 seconds, I’m pretty sure this means I am FAMOUS!!


Josh taking out our scooter in Korea!!! Scooter = must have when you live in the country.

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