Hi! My name is Whitney and in May of 2014 I left my home in Southern California to teach English in South Korea for a year! My first year was amazing…travelling in Korea, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia was such an eye opening experience. After my contract was up I went back home to So Cal for 6 months to reconnect with friends and family… I went back to Korea for a second year and saw a bit more of the world… Hong Kong, Vietnam, China and Myanmar. It was on a trip to China I fell in love and decided that’s where my next home would be! Currently I’ve been  living in the city of Hangzhou for the past year and LOVE it!


Older posts will show Aurora, the beautiful Shiba Inu princess. She currently is with her Dad in Busan, Korea living it up by the beach…check out her Instagram: @aurora_shibainu.


Seriously…could she be any cuter?


Well my mom is originally from South Korea and I have always wanted to live in the motherland. Also, it was relatively easy to get a job teaching English in Korea and since my background is working with children it was a natural fit. 


On a trip I fell in love…the kind of love that makes you want to live in a country…not just visit! So far its been working out quite well :).


When first setting up my blog I was pretty jet-lagged and confused and more concerned with content than the name, so I just went off of something random which was my love for sock monkeys. Kind of irrelevant for this travel/lifestyle/eating blog, but I am nothing if not random.


2017 was a bit of a bust in terms of traveling for me. So, I’m making up for it in 2018. On the tentative list so far are: Singapore, Paris and Chile…but that’s just the start :).


One thought on “About

  1. ticson says:

    I would like to get a contact for Mr T, your tour guide for Siem Reap. Can you tell me how I can find the chamber where you can hear the heartbeat?


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