Thoughts on Living in China

Well, at this point I have lived in China for about 5 months. Currently I am back home in Southern California and have some time (Summer Break!) to reflect on the past months and the my thoughts in general.

So…starting off, I LOVE China. I was really nervous about the move because I don’t consider myself a particularly adventurous person. Sure I have at this point lived in Korea for 2 years but China…I don’t know it was just a little more daunting. I would be moving to the country alone without knowing anyone there. From previous visits to China I knew that I really liked the country…well the places I had visited at least. But living somewhere really is quite different then visiting a place while traveling.

I got a position in Hangzhou (which wasn’t my first choice) which truly is the right place for me at the moment (as I write this in So Cal). Jumping in those first couple months was crazy…my job, trying to get settled, meeting new people and forging friendships and then just settling into my life took up those months which ended up flying by. Oh and I finally stopped beating around the bush and am in a relationship. That took up a lot of my time as well… and without getting into too much personal stuff I am really happy and I think he is too.

BUT, back to China. It has been great. Hangzhou is wonderful…it’s a big city for sure (the G20 was hosted there in 2016…you hear that a lot about Hangzhou when people are describing it to you) but it also has a a small city feel…at least where I live. That’s one thing I love the most about it…I live in a quiet neighborhood near the river (with a killer view) but I can easily take a cab to Downtown where there are people and excitement…or just as easily take a quick trip to what Hangzhou is probably most famous for, West Lake. I basically have it all in this city and if I want to get a true big city experience then Shanghai is an hour bullet train away.

Now…what to do I think about the differences between living in China versus living in Korea? This is interesting and I have to say at this point I prefer living in China (trust me I know this kind of came as a surprise to me as well). I attribute some of this to maybe getting a little bored with Korea after living there for two years whereas China is new and exciting. Some of it could also be that China is HUGE…and with that comes just variety…there are so many regions and types of people and things to eat, see and experience.

Disappointingly I have not done much travel these past 5ish months…I had a quick weekend away to Hong Kong and travelled a bit in China but nothing too exciting. I guess I needed to take a break and settle in plus I did a lot of back and forth because my current relationship is a bit of a long distance thing…still in China but farther away than convenient. Nonetheless I have experienced some cool things and I would like to share them. At this point I’m not going to get into a regular blogging schedule or even attempt to stick to one. I have sooooo many things I want to share and hopefully I can get off my ass and into putting them up in blog post form! Not sure where I want to start because I still have stuff from Korea I want to post on… and Myanmar… and I’m unsure how I want to go about posting everything… Probably just what I feel inspired to update about. 🙂


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