What I Ate in Hangzhou

This post should really be titled, “Look at all the Dumplings I Managed to Eat.” I went to Hangzhou about a month ago to visit a good friend of mine. The purpose of the visit was to catch up and relax. What I ended up doing was eating all the dumplings I could get my hands on. The friend I was staying with was Chinese and like an angel she ordered me dumplings for breakfast every morning that got delivered to her apartment. So I could sit in my sweatpants and eat dumplings every morning. EPIC. Most Chinese dumplings come with some kind of meat in them but the ones I would get translated to leek dumplings. They were full of green stuff (leeks) and egg and they were amazing.

So as you can see I managed to eat pretty well during my relaxing stay in Hangzhou. I would recommend the vegan restaurant Super Vegan to any vegans or vegetarians out there. It was kind of weird to be eating fake meat such as fake lamb and beef but that being said I stuffed my face with it. The seafood restaurant with the built in steamer was fantastic. The food was brought out quickly and then cooked right before your eyes. And then to have everything drain into porridge underneath which you eat at the end of your meal is genius. But it also guarantees you will eat too much. The Green Tea restaurant which I believe is a chain had fantastic food at amazing prices. And the dumplings…it makes me sad to see pictures of them. I really do miss them. If my plans to move to China go through you better believe I will be eating dumplings everyday for at least my first month there. Chinese food in China is different than Chinese food in ┬áthe States or even in Korea, it’s delicious and with China being huge there is nothing but options on what you can eat. I can honestly say some of the best vegan food I’ve eaten was in China….and I’m from So Cal so I’ve eaten my fair share of vegan food. Which isn’t to say I ate strictly vegan in China I’m just saying you can get almost any type of food there and it’s probably going to be good. And dumplings. Just eat all the dumplings.


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