What I Ate in Da Nang

I did a horrible job documenting what I ate in Hanoi but I did a little better during my time in Da Nang. Holy crap Vietnamese food is incredible. Just incredible. Basically everything I ate in my time in Vietnam was amazing. Apart from some Thai food I got in a mall…which ended up giving me horrific food poisoning that took a whole month for me to fully get over. That being said despite my stomach problems I still kept eating as much food as I could get my hands on…it was that good. I had a few solid recommendations from a friend: Lam Vien and Madame Lan, both of which were amazing. I was pretty sick when we ate at an Indian restaurant called Family Indian Restaurant but the food there was amazing….my stomach was just protesting. I can without a doubt say that I would go back to Vietnam again just for the food alone. Goodbye, I need to go eat something now.


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