Girls Trip to Da Nang and Hoi An!

The second portion of my Vietnam trip was spent mostly in Da Nang with the purpose of getting in my much needed beach time. It had been a while since I had visited a warm, sandy beach and I was ready for the salty air and warm water. I stayed at the Grand Tourane Hotel which was really nice. It was right near the beach and had an amazing breakfast buffet…which you can see more of when I post on What I Ate in DaNang.

Although most of my time was spent on the beach reading and just enjoying the breeze and drinking coconuts I did manage to squeeze in some time to go and visit the Lady Buddha which I rather enjoyed. The views from the Lady Buddha were quite beautiful as was the statue itself.

One night my friend and I took a taxi over to Hoi An where we enjoyed the lanterns and took a boat ride on the small river. It was really enjoyable to walk around Hoi An at night and there were quite a few Vietnamese brides and grooms taking their pictures in front of the lanterns or on the lake. The brides all looked gorgeous and it was really interesting to see how they dressed as it is quite different from the Western style of bridal wear.

I would say Da Nang was great for the beach and to eat delicious food, definitely a place to go if you’re looking for the relaxing, more unplanned vacation.


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