Flying Pan: Brunch in Korea

Call me basic, but this girl loves a good brunch. And if mimosas are involved, well then I’m a very happy camper. A big mission in my life in Korea was to find the best brunch out there. If I meet someone new in Korea who has lived in Korea for a while I will usually ask them about brunch and where their go to brunch spot is. Flying Pan had been recommended quite a few times before I decided to go and try out their brunch fare.

When I hear that they had a smoked salmon Eggs Benedict on the menu I made it a priority to go and check it out. It was delicious but I really do enjoy side dishes with the main course so I have also opted for the grilled veggie sandwich which comes with a side salad and I always add on the soup. I have to say the soups I’ve eaten here are pretty watery, good but super watery. But the best part in my opinion is that you can have mimosas. The mimosas aren’t on the menu but if you ask they will bring you orange juice with champagne.

I would definitely recommend the Flying Pan if you’re looking for a good boozy brunch.¬†They offer the brunch menu all day and if not the paninis there are very good. A lot of things to choose from, vegetarian friendly and you can get day drunk. What more is there to ask for on a late Sunday morning.


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