Hanoi: Ho Chi Minh Museum

The Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi was a really interesting place to visit. To be honest I hadn’t really done much research on the place, the only real thing I knew going in was that it was one of the top touristy things to do in Hanoi. I really thought it would be a museum that focused on Ho Chi Minh and his life and politics. But…it ended up being an art museum of sorts. Like I said, was not expecting that at all. The museum was quite interesting and had a lot of different art pieces and exhibits for me to ponder at. I visited Vietnam in the summer and the heat and humidity was a bit out of control (for someone like me who has no real experience with humidity) and in my overheated and dehydrated state the art left me mostly confused. I guess I’m uncultured like that.

As I said before I was a bit delirious from the heat and I wasn’t prepared for all the art and its meanings. But I really did enjoy the museum, it was kind of a fun surprise. One of the more interesting things I did in a very interesting city.


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