Out and About in Hanoi

This summer I went Vietnam for about a week and a half and it was a wonderful trip! The first half of the vacation I spent in Hanoi where we stayed in the Old Quarter. Prior to visiting Hanoi I really didn’t know too much of what to expect of either the city or the country and I was blown away. Hanoi was crazy humid in the summer when I visited so a lot of the time was spent just hanging out in our hotel’s outdoor cafe on the first floor or the balcony of the hotel room. It was amazing, I bought some lilies off of a woman selling them on the street and they were amazing…so huge and fragrant.

Staying in the Old Quarter was a good call, it meant that I was close to tons of restaurants and bars and could just walk around and enjoy the bustle of life in Hanoi.

There is so much to see in Hanoi, depending on where you are staying most of the sights are either within walking distance or a short cab ride away. Had it not been so humid during my visit I probably would have opted for more walking around since the city itself has so much to see.

The Temple of Literature was a beautiful Confucian temple. The gardens and plants around the temple were gorgeous as well as the temple buildings.

Hoa Lo Prison was an interesting visit. It was a prison for Vietnamese political prisoners under French Colonization as well as American POWs during the Vietnam War. Most of the Prison is dedicated to showing the harsh conditions of the Vietnamese under French rule but there is a small area in the back where you can see items and pictures from when the American POWs were housed at the prison.

I did a separate post on the Ho Chi Minh Museum since I think it was just extra unique in a completely unexpected way, check that out here. I couldn’t recommend a trip to Hanoi enough, I would definitely recommend staying in the Old Quarter…even though it was super busy night and day it still was pretty quiet when it came time to sleep. Although there are many places I want to see before I would consider going back to a country I’ve already visited I would eagerly go back and visit Vietnam, perhaps check out the Southern region.


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