What I Ate in Beijing!

The food in China is amazing…the only thing I ate that I remember not being a fan of was pizza and that’s not even Chinese food.

As I mentioned before basically all the Chinese food I ate in Beijing was amazing. Visiting Ghost Street and eating at some sea food restaurants there was amazing. We went to Ghost Street specifically to eat crawfish and somehow managed to pick a restaurant where even though it was on the menu all we ended up with was a massive bowl of shrimp…go figure. So we ended up going to a second restaurant where I was able to eat crawfish for the first time and it was amazing. The way it was spiced was kind of crazy…it was spicy but instead of burning your tongue it made it feel numb…kind of scary but oh so delicious. I also tried the snails…and although the flavor was on point I just couldn’t get down with the texture.

Randomly our hotel offered an afternoon tea service and I am a sucker for anything tea. It was British style tea and pretty good…just way too much food to eat right after a lunch of pizza. We also ate at our hotel’s dim sum restaurant and ordered dumplings, tofu, soup dumplings and some other stuff. I love dim sum…small dishes mean you can order a variety of things. And I’ve never met a soup dumpling I haven’t been in love with.

Overall Beijing was an amazing place for food…!


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