Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

Visiting a fish market while in Korea is definitely a must do. There are big markets both in Seoul and Busan and it is an experience…even if you don’t eat anything from the market…but why wouldn’t you?

When you walk into the Noryangjin Fish Market you will see many different vendors selling all different types of edible sea life. A lot of the stalls sell the same thing such a salmon, crab, fish and shrimp. Some stalls will have more specialty items like eel or other sea life. Basically you just need to walk around and decide where you want your food from. From there you can either take it home with you or just tell the vendor you want to eat it at a restaurant. Then either the vendor or someone else will escort you to the second floor which is filled with various restaurants where they will prepare the sea food you selected. The restaurants can prepare soups, grill your seafood…a whole range of things. If you want something like a soup or dish made out of your purchase then I would have to recommend going with a Korean friend who can help translate.

There are different levels of “niceness” to the restaurants…the first time I went the restaurant was super inexpensive (around 20,000 KRW for side dishes, grilling the shrimp and some beer) the second time I went it was about double that price for pretty much the same thing. Again, this might be where a friend who speaks Korean could come in handy so you have more of a say in what type of restaurant you eat in. That being said, the better restaurant we were sitting in chairs as opposed to the floor and the restaurant was a bit nicer. So what are you waiting for? Go get your fish on!


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