Beijing: Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square & Temple of Heaven

There is quite a bit to see in the city of Beijing….it’s filled with sights and history. First up on the list was the Forbidden City which actually took us two tries to get into. Apparently if you plan on buying your tickets at the Forbidden City itself you will need to bring your passport if you don’t have a Chinese ID. Or perhaps you might be able to purchase tickets through your hotel which is what my friend and I did on round 2. The Forbidden City is massive! Just massive, I would set aside a few hours to wander around the grounds when scheduling a visit. The weekend we were in Beijing was a national holiday in both Korean and China and as you can expect the Forbidden City was packed with visitors. We were able to get away from the crowds by trying to walk farther and farther to the less busy areas but near entrances the masses were unavoidable. Within the Forbidden City there are gardens, buildings and even small museums filled with various artifacts.

Right next to the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square…it was interesting being there. And if I’m being honest I didn’t even realize where we were at the time, I thought Tiananmen Square was across the street.

Another place of interest in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven. This was a beautiful temple and had a unique look to it with the blue roof. It was definitely one of the more unique temples I’ve visited in my travels so far. Me being the silly person that I am made a triangle/temple pose in front of it…a Chinese family saw me doing this and started giggling. While walking away I saw that the parents had their children pose the same way that I did…good times.

As I mentioned earlier there is a lot to see in Beijing…I think the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven are definitely must sees on any visit to Beijing. I was able to see all three within the same day without feeling too rushed. Probably my favorite sight in Beijing (besides the Great Wall which is really outside of the city) was the Lama Temple…which will be getting its own post soon.


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