Hong Kong Disneyland!

I love Disneyland. I grew up in Southern California and visited Disneyland many times over the years. So of course I made it a priority to check out Hong Kong Disneyland during my brief trip there. I’ve also been to Disney Tokyo Sea which was spectacular…read up on that here.

My first impression of Hong Kong Disneyland is that it is very similarly set up to Anaheim’s Disneyland only its tiny!! It’s a miniature Disneyland!!! I was so giddy after entering the park I couldn’t help squealing about how cute it was for about the first hour. And not only that, with the smaller size came smaller lines!!! I think my friend and I waited max 25 minutes for Hyperspace Mountain (Space Mountain) and the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). It could have been the lines were short because we went on a rainy day but we also went on a Sunday and Disneyland in Anaheim is always busy unless you go during the week when school is in session.

Although the setup is about the same there are some differences such as a Toy Story Land in the Hong Kong Disneyland that was amazing. But there is a Fantasyland, Frontierland and Main Street setup very similarly to Anaheim’s Disneyland.

All I can say is that I loved the experience, but my friend who went with me and had never been to Disneyland before wasn’t as impressed. That isn’t to say she didn’t enjoy herself but she didn’t have the same giddy excitement as me when roaming through the park. Next up on the list is to visit Shanghai Disneyland and ride the Tron ride….I cannot wait!


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