Friendsgiving in Korea!

Thanksgiving in Korea can be a bit difficult for a whole host of reasons…mainly the difficulty in finding the foods you’re used to eating back home. You can read all about my Chickengiving experience two years ago here.

This year it was upgraded to Friendsgiving and the group of friends I celebrated with went a little all out….It all started with being invited to Canadian Thanksgiving…definitely got us all excited to go crazy with American Thanksgiving. I even ended up trekking all the way to Costco to get a huge pumpkin pie…which I then had to carry on the subway, bus and then carry home. Which is kind of funny since I hate pumpkin pie but I still respect that it is a vital part of Thanksgiving. Something we didn’t manage to get a hold of was a turkey. You can order turkeys online in Korea or even from the US Army bases but they are expensive and come pre-cooked so the group decided it would be easier to just get a chicken. So…when doing the last bit of Thanksgiving shopping my friend thought he was buying a chicken and it ended up being a roast duck…haha.

We ended up with a roast duck, rolls, Sangria, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans and pumpkin pie. And as per usual everyone ate too much, complained about it and then went back in for seconds. It was a very nice Friendsgiving indeed.


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