I’m famous in China (not really)…

This is such a random little story but here it goes…

About 3 months ago when our friend Richard was visiting from the States, Josh and I ventured to Namsan Tower in Seoul. We were pretty much there to show our friend one of the landmarks of Seoul. While we were enjoying the beautiful views Namsan has to offer two Chinese journalists approached us and asked Josh and I some questions about love and romance. Apparently Namsan Tower is renowned for being a place where couples celebrate their love and prove their devotion by locking away a lock on either one of the fences or special lock trees.

So, the journalists asked us a few questions about love, snapped our picture and were on their merry way. Flash forward to over 2 months later when a Chinese friend of Josh’s co-worker saw Josh’s picture in a magazine and asked his co-worker whether or not it was his friend. Super confusing right…so it breaks down that some girl in China (who has never met Josh) recognized his photo from a picture Josh’s co-worker posted of the two of them online! Never mind how confusing this is to follow, all you need to know is that my picture was in a magazine in China which basically means I’m famous…right???

See?!?!!?!! Proof I'm famous in China!

See?!?!!?!! Proof I’m famous in China!

Anyways, I had a Chinese friend translate the caption and it says: “We love to travel and see towers. We have been to Paris and Tokyo and now we are in Seoul.” Or something like that.

If you want to read about my previous visits to Namsan you can see them here:

Summertime visit (didn’t go inside tower) 

Wintertime visit (went inside the tower)


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