Why I Love my Local 7 Eleven!

This is going to be a weird post but I can’t help it I really do love my local 7 Eleven. It’s not even the 7 Eleven part that I like, I really just like my local chain convenience store…7 Eleven just happens to be the closest one to my apartment. Now, despite not having slurpies…..shock horror…the 7 Eleven 2 minutes walking distance from my apartment is a pretty magical place for 3 reasons.

And inside it's pretty standard for 7 Eleven, this one is super clean and new

And inside it’s pretty standard for 7 Eleven, this one is super clean and new

The ramen section

The ramen section

Reason #1: I can pay my utility bills there! This means I don’t have to wait in line at my bank (which would take at least 30 minutes out of my day twice a month). Online banking is a tricky subject in Korea, online banking is a bit difficult for PC users and impossible for Mac users…and since I’m a mac user I won’t be participating in online banking anytime soon. Because of this paying my bills at 7 Eleven is fantastic…it takes 2 minutes and I can pick up a reward snack at the same time. Win win. All I need to do is take my gas and electric bill to the 7 Eleven and pay for it in cash, super easy.

Reason #2: I can ship domestic packages! You heard me right, I can ship a package anywhere in Korea from 7 Eleven. It’s closer and much quicker than visiting the post office and pretty cheap. I sent a box of Christmas goodies to Josh and it cost me less than 4,000 KRW ($4) and it arrived in 2 days. I’m not sure if all 7 Elevens do this, I think they are a franchise so it could depend on location and I do know that some other convenience store chains allow you to ship packages as well. Which to me is brilliant.

Reason #3: I kid you not, they sell the best bread in Korea. I cannot take the credit for this one, Josh was the one who found out that the bread sold in 7 Eleven stores is amazing….it’s the cheap white bread (I think it costs 1,600 KRW or about $1.50 for a half loaf) that is super unhealthy for you but also is amazing for making grilled cheese sandwiches. I had the best grilled cheese of my life the other day with this bread, and that’s saying a lot because I suck at making grilled cheese and burned one side…didn’t matter because the magic crack bread still tasted amazing. There is something kind of funny about this bread though…every time Josh and I have bought it, there is only 1 loaf. So, maybe they only stock one bread/store at a time? Who knows, but if you are in Korea do yourself a favor and pick some up, go home and make either toast or a grilled cheese. You will not regret it. Maybe I’m just over excited because I wasn’t allowed to eat white bread growing up, I had to eat either potato bread or whole wheat.

Here it is...this unassuming package of bread is epically amazing

Here it is…this unassuming package of bread is epically amazing

This grilled cheese was amazing...

This grilled cheese was amazing…

Magic bread makes magic toast

Magic bread makes magic toast

So, for those special reasons I really do enjoy my local 7 Eleven plus all the other typical non-slurpie related reasons…chococate, potato chips, juice. If only they started carrying the amazing coconut milk that the CU convenience stores carry and my life would be complete!


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