The Story of Bob…

I’m a dog person! I love Aurora, my 7 year old shiba inu a stupid amount and spoil her at any chance I get. But, this story isn’t about Aurora it’s about Bob.

So, let’s go back to the beginning in October of 2015 when Josh and I were preparing to move back to Korea after taking contracts as ESL teachers for the second year. Josh got an email from some old coworkers asking if it would be possible for us to watch a dog for a little while. I guess the story goes that another couple working at our old school had found what they thought was a stray dog around the teachers’ apartments. They wanted to adopt him but they weren’t allowed to keep him since the apartments were on school property and pets aren’t allowed. The couple then decided that they would send him home to America and have someone in the States look after the little guy until their contracts ended. The only issue was that he couldn’t be sent overseas for a month until all his shots cleared or something like that. So we were being asked to watch a dog for people we had never met for a month. In a country we weren’t yet living ┬áin. I think most people would just say no but Josh and I said yes. We weren’t too sure on the details but we decided if we could help out a homeless dog somewhere then we’d make it work, after all it would only be for a month.

So fast forward a few weeks and the couple brought the dog up to Josh’s apartment in Seoul. Josh and I had already decided at this point that he would keep Aurora for the month and I would keep the new guy until the couple came to pick him up a month later. The first thing the little guy did upon entering Josh’s apartment was to pee on the new rug and then try and hump Aurora. It was pretty much the worse first impression ever. Not to mention he was pretty horrible to look at, we had seen a picture of him and he looked ok but it was disgusting. He wasn’t disgusting but just the thought of him being out in the cold, alone and starving really hurt my heart. The poor little guy was completely emaciated and you could count every rib he had and basically see his lungs moving in his chest he was so thin.

First impression...

First impression…

I took him back home with me to Gimpo and began the process of strengthening and fattening him. He didn’t really have a name so I tried calling him a couple of different names until I realized I kept calling him a bag of bones, since that’s what he looked like, so it stuck and I started calling him Bob.

Bob was such a sweet natured little guy, he had such a hard time in life…according to the vet he was born with a deformed front paw and when he was found he had clearly been starving for quite some time. But, none of this broke his spirit and he lived his life with great enthusiasm. He loved going for walks so initially I walked him 3 times a day. After 2 days he developed a limp from his deformed paw so I had to cut down the walks until he was a bit stronger. I fed the little guy constantly. It was basically my mission to fatten the little guy up. He was fed 3 times a day which is more that we feed Aurora who is twice is size. He did gain some weight, but then one day I woke up in the morning to the most disgusting smell coming from the Aurora’s airline crate and I found that Bob puked, pooped and peed in the crate. I’m not entirely sure how but the little guy managed to eat something that made him terribly sick. Luckily for me my bosses in Korea are dog people and had experience with the same symptoms and told me I needed to feed him baby formula to get something in him as he had refused to eat or drink anything. So, for 2 days I used a plastic syringe to pump water and baby formula into Bob. After that he slowly started to eat again and after a week his appetite was back! But, those couple of days took a toll on the weight he had gained and he was back to being Super Skinny Bob.

Before and after....he got a little bigger in his time with me...but definitely had a lot more room for fat

Before and after….he got a little bigger in his time with me…but definitely had a lot more room for fat

Now, during the weeks I had him I had been sending regular updates to the couple that was supposed to send Bob home to the States. 5 days before they were scheduled to come get him they confirmed they would be getting him. And then, 3 days later they told me they couldn’t send him home anymore and to take him to a local shelter. As you can imagine I was pretty upset. I told them I refused to take him to a shelter and if that was their decision then they needed to come get him and do it themselves. They refused and also refused any responsibility for Bob. I knew these people were a lost cause and when I told my bosses about the situation they immediately took up finding Bob a home and posted Bob on multiple adoption websites in Korea. A few days later Bob was scheduled to meet someone who could be his potential new Dad.

This is the pic of Bob I took for the adoption site that I knew would get him adopted....who would be able to resist this face?

This is the pic of Bob I took for the adoption site that I knew would get him adopted….who would be able to resist this face?

And when Bob met the guy, it was a great match. He had his new forever home. I was really sad to see the little guy go…I mean in a month I had leash trained him, potty trained him, nursed him back to health and yes I did fall in love with the little guy. But, Aurora couldn’t stand him and she is my first priority. Especially after moving her half way across the world from California to Korea I just couldn’t change her life again and give her an unwanted brother.

It was really hard to give up Bob...clearly we bonded

It was really hard to give up Bob…clearly we bonded

Bob would let me know when he needed attention, he would jump up on my knee and demand the pets

Bob would let me know when he needed attention, he would jump up on my knee and demand the pets

Now, if you think Bob’s story ends there then you are wrong…that would be much too easy. A week after Bob was adopted I found out through my boss (who had his new Dad’s contact info) that Bob was re-named Dobby and that he tested positive for heart worms. I guess luckily for Bob it wasn’t a serious case yet and he just needed meds and he would be fine.

The final update I got on Bob was a few weeks ago when I found out he was just getting over pneumonia and starting his treatment for heart worms. Since I last saw him his new dad had been hard at work putting weight on Bob and he was happy to report that you could no longer see any of his rib bones!!!! I’m really happy for the little guy, he really lucked out with his new owner and I know both of them will have a great life together.

Nothing better to coming home to a happy dog...I miss the little guy and his amazing spirit but I know he's got a great life ahead of him!!

Nothing better to coming home to a happy dog…I miss the little guy and his amazing spirit but I know he’s got a great life ahead of him!!


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