A Week in Lunches: Take Out Style

During the work week I am provided with lunch and dinner on most days. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what a week in lunches would look like. Usually I eat lunch with the kindergarten students which is a more traditional Korean style cafeteria-ish lunch. However, the particular week I decided to catalogue my lunches was right after the winter holiday. During the winter holiday one of my bosses cooked lunch and dinner for the whole school and so she wanted to take a break from the kitchen on this particular week. Also, we didn’t have kindergarten classes on these days so there really was no reason to cook up healthier meals…regardless here’s what I ate in a week…

Lunch 1: Guk Su 곡수

Noodles in soup, served with some veggies on top. Considering how cold it was on this particular day, this soup really should have hit the spot. Unfortunately this was also on the day I decided to try the han yak diet tea…you can read about that here. So, this poor delicious bowl of soup pretty much went to waste…but what I did eat was delicious.

Nothing better than a bowl of hot soup and noodles when the weather is freezing....

Nothing better than a bowl of hot soup and noodles when the weather is freezing….

Lunch 2: Jjamppong 짬뽕

Korean spicy seafood soup that is served in Chinese restaurants in Korea. Not sure if this is an authentic dish as I’ve only ever had it from Korean owned Chinese restaurants. This particular Chinese restaurant the school orders meals from regularly. The delivery man will bring the food on a scooter and then bring the food in this large box with all the food on plastic plates and in plastic bowls. All the food is wrapped up pretty good so there is minimal spillage. The restaurant will provide a plastic tablecloth to eat on, when everyone is done eating you wrap up all the bowls, utensils and trash is the tablecloth and place it outside, the delivery man will come by later to pick it all up.

How bigger orders of food are delivered

How bigger orders of food are delivered

Lots of sea food and lots of spiciness

Lots of sea food and lots of spiciness

After the meal....everything gets wrapped up and placed outside

After the meal….everything gets wrapped up and placed outside

Lunch 3: Lotteria

Lotteria is basically the McDonalds of Korea, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any McDonalds in Korea because there are. I’m pretty sure it’s a Japanese company and it sells basically the same food options as you would expect from a McDonald’s-esque restaurant. Whenever I eat at one of these types of restaurants in Korea I always get ordered the shrimp burger. The McDonald’s Shrimp Burger are actual shrimps in a patty that is breaded and fried. The Lotteria version of the Shrimp Burger is a ground shrimp patty. I don’t really have a preference between the two, I guess it would depend on my mood. But, I only eat at these places every once in a while.

The Shrimp Burger Set: Shrimp Burger, french fries and a Coke

The Shrimp Burger Set: Shrimp Burger, french fries and a Coke

Lunch 4: Chocolate, because I’m an adult and I make adult decisions

On this particular day we didn’t have kindergarten and I had to go to the optometrist so I was at home for the lunch hour. So instead of ordering food or making myself a proper lunch I ate a bar of chocolate. And it was delicious.

Lunch 5: Veggies, Shrimp and Rice 새우볶음밥

Bokumbap is a rice dish in Korea and comes in many different varieties. One of my favorite is the kind that is fried up with kimchi and then served with melted cheese on top…so yummy cheesy and spicy. This particular meal was rice served with a side of shrimp and veggies. It was ordered from the same Chinese restaurant as the jjamppong.

Shrimp, veggies and rice

Shrimp, veggies and rice

And that, was a pretty atypical week in lunches for me. Usually for lunch ordering out happens once a week, if at all. But, if your school didn’t provide you with lunches everyday it could be a typical week in lunches, depending on what you like to eat!


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