Mr. Kebab in Korea

About 6 months ago I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle….which was a pretty big adjustment! I no longer eat chicken, beef, pork or eggs but I do eat fish and seafood. Anyways, it was relatively easy for me to find great vegetarian options to eat while I was back home in California, most restaurants will have at least one vegetarian or vegan friendly item on their menu. I made the decision to stop eating meat based on digestion issues I had been dealing with and honestly the switch was the right choice for me. However, I made this lifestyle change about 3 months before I was scheduled to move back to South Korea for 16 months and I was a little anxious to see if my new diet would be feasible in Korea. After all…Korean fried chicken is the best. Not only that many more traditional restaurants won’t allow for substitutions and meat broths are very commonly used in soups.

Anyways, fast forward to about 3 months in Korea and it has been pretty easy living without eating meat. Luckily for me, I eat at my school for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and my bosses are always making sure my dishes are vegetarian friendly. I really lucked out with getting such caring bosses.

But, eating out with friends has been a little tricky at times but as a whole not too hard. Korean restaurants will usually have some kind of rice or noodle dish with is vegetarian friendly. And if all else fails, I can’t go wrong with ordering a cheese pizza. Someplace I had heard of that I had been meaning to try was a place called Mr. Kebab. I really wanted to try their falafel wrap… So, about a weekend ago during a bar hopping adventure in Itaewon the group I was with stopped by Mr. Kebab…twice…in one night. Kind of embarrassing but I have no regrets. There are apparently two Mr. Kebab locations in Itaewon, both are pretty close to the subway stop and having sampled the falafel wrap from both locations I can say both were delicious!

Random shot from inside the smaller Mr. Kebab location that is off the main street

Random shot from inside the smaller Mr. Kebab location that is off the main street

Overall our group sampled the wraps and even a chicken box and everyone was very happy with their selections.

Ignore Josh...he's just ticked because he didn't order a wrap

Ignore Josh…he’s just ticked because he didn’t order a wrap

So, if you find yourself craving a wrap or some falafel I would definitely recommend stopping by Mr. Kebab.


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