Hello Everybody!!!

2 good things to report!!!

1: I’m not dead…just finally bought myself a laptop!!!! Lots of Korea update posts to come!!!

2. I FINALLY own my own laptop and will be posting regularly for the foreseeable future!!! I finally took the plunge and bought myself a MacBook…so many more posts will be coming up soon!

Love you all, thanks for sticking with me….soon I’ll be posting what I’ve been up to this past month in Korea!!!!

2 thoughts on “Hello Everybody!!!

  1. Jeremy Coker says:

    Yeah! Glad you made it ok and you are still alive. 🙂 Sorry I have not commented in awhile. Been nasty busy. Looking forward to new adventures!

    P.S. Audrey finally got her bad tooth out! (In case you wanted to know) 🙂


    • thesockmonkeyproject says:

      Haha no worries, I’ve been neglecting the blog lately so not much to comment on anyways but I’m working on remedying that!! And of course I want to know what’s new with Audrey!!!


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