Another Hair Update!

Well, time for another hair update! This summer has been a fun time and was quite a different experience living life with a blonde ‘do. I never fully intended to keep the blonde hair (since it wasn’t really my choice to get it in the first place) but wanted to enjoy what would probably be my only time to experience blondeness. And then something funny happened, I really enjoyed the color and didn’t want to see it go! Funny how something so alien to you can over time become something you love. Anyways, since my time in the States is coming to an end I decided I would need to do something since there is no way I can maintain bright, blonde hair in Korea. Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic here but I tried dying my hair twice in Korea both times with results different from what I wanted so I don’t think I’ll be going in for a 3rd try.

You can read about those experiences here:

The time I wanted to go from my natural dark brown to a lighter ash brown and ended up with orange hair:

The time I wanted light ash brown hair and ended up with silver/turquoise hair:

Getting the silver/brassy blonde hair turned into ash blonde in the States:

So, I went in the Daniel and Co Salon in Huntington Beach (where I go when I’m in the States) and the lovely Danielle gave me a more transitioned root look. All I knew was that I wanted the roots to be blended into the hair so it could grow out…so I won’t have to worry about dying my hair but I could still keep some of the blonde. She also toned out all the brassiness of the blonde hair and made it super ashy…which I love.

Here are the results!

Going into the salon with really crazy dark roots and super light hair....

Going into the salon with really crazy dark roots and super light hair….

Before and After

Before and After

Close up on the root area

Close up on the root area

As you can see the root area is still pretty prominent and will match my hair that grows out. The main difference is that there isn’t an obvious line between dyed hair and natural hair, it’s all blended out for a nicer looking transition. And my hair is back to being super ashy!

Anyways, hair color is so subjective but I am super happy with the results, by the time the blondish parts are super grown out I’m sure I’ll be ready to embrace my natural color! Dying your hair is super fun and a great way to instantly mix things up, but I’m usually so lazy with my hair that I’m ready to go back to being my natural dark, reddish brown….eventually.

Hair in action while hanging out with my cousins

Hair in action while hanging out with my family


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