Candycorn M&M’s….What?

So, last night while doing a late night gas run I stumbled upon Candycorn M&M’s near the cash register. I decided they would be worth a try since candycorn is my favorite Halloween candy (especially the pumpkin candycorn….those hold a special place in my heart) and I do enjoy eating M&M’s occasionally. Here is a close up of what the bag looks like…

Close up of the candycorn m&m's

Close up of the Candycorn m&m’s

When you open up the bag, the M&M’s inside are larger than the typical M&M’s. They are similar in size to the Peanut Butter M&M’s and come in the three colors of candycorn: white, orange and yellow.

Of course candycorn m&m's come in candycorn colors

Of course candycorn m&m’s come in candycorn colors

The inside of the candycorn is white with a white chocolate and candycorn flavored center.

Inside look at the candycorn m&m

Inside look at the candycorn m&m (don’t mind the bite marks :))

And finally….how did it taste??? My answer….super sweet and not in a great way. Now granted, when I bought these I had no expectation for them and in fact expected them to taste horrible. But, they weren’t as bad as I thought. If you enjoy white chocolate and love candycorn I think you would maybe enjoy these. The taste reminded me a lot of pre-made vanilla frosting from Pillsbury that come in plastic tubs. So overall I would say they were worth a shot and a fun little treat around Halloween time.


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