Roadtripping to Arizona!

A huge surprise this summer was Josh’s sister and her boyfriend coming to visit for 3 weeks. Even though their trip was unexpected it was such a great surprise and we had a great time exploring California, Arizona and even took a trip to the Grand Canyon!

The drive to Arizona was pretty fun…as much fun as 4 adults and a medium sized dog can have crammed into a small hybrid. I finally visited one of those jerky stands that you often find advertised along the highways. The one we tried out was “Really Good Fresh Jerky” not as exciting as “Alien Jerky” or “World Famous Jerky” but I appreciated them not overselling the goods. So, about $20 and 3 bags of jerky later I can report that the jerky was….OK! There are many different types of jerky, all pretty much overpriced but worth a visit if you want to take a break on the road to stretch your legs and use a bathroom.

Here it is...a small little building that houses jerky

Here it is…a small little building that houses jerky

Cowboy was ok 3/5 fingers

Cowboy Jerky…it was ok 3/5 fingers

BBQ Beef Jerky...4/5 fingers

BBQ Beef Jerky…4/5 fingers

And Carne Asada Jerky...3/5 fingers

And Carne Asada Jerky…3/5 fingers

The road to Arizona had the last portion making us drive through the mountains…it was a pretty windy and nauseous road…

The road to Prescott...

The road to Prescott…

And no road trip is complete without the obligatory embarrassing photo of someone caught sleeping (and probably drooling) in the car.



I have to say with any road trip the best part is reaching your destination! This time our destination was Prescott, Arizona where we were welcomed by Josh’s grandparents. The 6 hour drive was pretty rough on all of us, but nothing a nap couldn’t fix!

Taking a rest after being stuck in the car

Taking a rest after being stuck in the car


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