Heading Back to Korea Pretty Soon!

Well, it’s official I am going to be heading back to Korea by the end of the month! After almost 5 months being back home I am more than ready to start a new chapter in Korea. This time around I signed a contract in the city of Gimpo, so I will be living in the city not too far from Seoul. It should be a completely different experience from last year’s teaching experience which was about as much of a country experience as it could get.

This summer back in So Cal has been super busy…so many surprise visitors and then last minute applications to teaching jobs. Josh and I decided that this year we would take separate teaching jobs since it would be easier to get jobs closer to Seoul and much easier to take Aurora with us! Yes, that is right this year we are bringing the puppy with us all the way to South Korea…which should be an interesting experience.

I’m planning a blog post dedicated to the necessary paperwork for bringing a dog from the US to Korea…it’s pretty confusing and there doesn’t seem to be a concrete and reliable source of information on what exactly you need. But it is doable….supposedly and once I have Aurora in South Korea I’ll be happy to detail how we got her there.

I have to say this time around in terms of getting new jobs in Korea, Josh and I were pretty cocky. We went into the whole experience thinking that with a year of teaching under our belts we would easily find new jobs….SO NOT THE CASE! Getting jobs this time has been much more of a struggle…most people coming to Korea want to teach in and close to Seoul and applying last minute really wasn’t in our favor. That, combined with some prejudice I experienced made finding a new job contract pretty difficult.  But, there were two lights at the end of the tunnel and both Josh and I will have what seem to be great jobs in Korea.

Now that Josh and I are no longer hosting visitors and spending all our time interviewing I will have much more time to blog some of what I have been up to these past 5 months…


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