Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed Round 2

A couple weeks back Josh went in to the dentist to get yet another wisdom tooth removed. (For details on the first two teeth being removed, click here) He still had one more tooth that was causing some trouble and wanted to get it removed before we head back to the States.

This time around he opted for a dentist in Seoul that spoke English, figuring it would make the whole experience a little easier from the last time when we needed to bring a Korean friend for translation. As I mentioned in the previous post on wisdom tooth removal in Korea, chances are you will not be put under for the procedure. According to Josh they use localized anesthetic to numb the area, so even if you aren’t asleep you shouldn’t be in pain during the procedure.

Scared before the procedure!

Scared before the procedure!

Looking at the teeth before one comes out!

Looking at the teeth before one comes out!

Standard setup

Standard setup



The dentist office in Seoul was much smaller than the office we went to in Haeundae which was HUGE. Unfortunately after they had removed the tooth, stitched up the wound and then did the final x-ray they found that some root was left behind! So Josh had to get the stitches taken out, the bit of root drilled out and then re-stitched up.

So apparently there was some leftover tooth left after sewing Josh up they had to go back in to get some leftover root.

So apparently there was some leftover tooth left over…so after sewing Josh up they had to go back in to get some leftover root.

This time around was only one tooth so we figured the healing time would be shorter, but we were so wrong! In the last procedure there was an option to have blood injected into the operation site that Josh decided to opt for. The claim was that by injecting the blood (your own blood they remove before the surgery) into the wound it will speed up the healing process. At the time, Josh didn’t have anything to compare the healing process with but I can now say the blood injection helped! Even though Josh only had one tooth removed it took a little longer to heal in comparison to the last surgery.

Anyways…if you plan on getting any dental work done in Korea I would HIGHLY recommend taking a Korean speaker with you…it just makes it so much easier when they are explaining procedures and options. Also, if there is a blood option for wisdom tooth removal, go for it, sounds creepy but is totally effective.

AND…HERE are the gross shots of Josh’s tooth! I don’t even know if you can see your teeth after they are removed in the States…when I asked to keep mine at my removal surgery they told me no.



And why not a close up...

And why not a close up…


2 thoughts on “Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed Round 2

  1. Jeremy Coker says:

    C R A P!!!!! I am so sorry he had to go through that. I probably shouldn’t tell him about my experience with having my wisdom teeth removed. It was easy breezy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thesockmonkeyproject says:

      Yeah….I couldn’t believe that had to re-open up the stitches…poor guy it was a full month before he recovered!!


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