What to do in Jeonju: Eat at Kalbi at 교동 석갈비!

Our first stop in the hanok village after dropping off our bags was at a kalbi restaurant named 교동 석갈비. Although none of the dishes served here were Jeonju specialties, everything tasted great! We ordered: 2 servings of kalbi (pork meat), cold buckwheat noodle soup and spicy cold noodles (bibim naeng myun- my FAVORITE!).

Ready to eat!

Ready to eat!

This particular restaurant served us up quite an array of banchan (side dishes that come free with Korean meals). Back home in the States my family’s favorite Korean restaurant Morangak serves you a huge amount of banchan, but my through my experience eating in Korea I have noticed that there are fewer banchan dishes that come with the meal . You still get the obligatory kimchi that is served with all meals but there is much less variety, 교동 석갈비’s amount of banchan served was on par with the amount of banchan I am used to eating back in the States.

Just look at all that banchan! And it all tasted great!

Just look at all that banchan! And it all tasted great!

A good rule of thumb for Korean restaurants is that if the kimchi is good, then your food will probably be good too. Since spicy cold noodles are my favorite, whenever I spy them on a menu I always place an order.

Delicious bibim naeng myun...spicy cold noodles

Delicious bibim naeng myun…spicy cold noodles

Overall this restaurant was great! It was located centrally on the main food street in the hanok village and the food tasted delicious. I would say it was a great way to kick off our eating experience in Jeonju!

3 thoughts on “What to do in Jeonju: Eat at Kalbi at 교동 석갈비!

  1. Jeremy Coker says:

    I really want to comment on the photo of all the food on the table but I might get in trouble. Let’s just say, it has nothing to do with the food. 🙂 (Feel free to delete this comment) 🙂


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