Indian Food in Korea Part 3 (Itaewon)

Round three of Indian Food in Korea! This time we went to Usmania in Itaewon, the restaurant was a little off of the main strip of restaurants in Itaewon but definitely worth the trek. The restaurant is pretty big considering it is on the basement level. It is nicely decorated in more muted colors.

Interior of the restaurant you can see in the far back the buffet area

Interior of the restaurant you can see in the far back the buffet area

It looks like a buffet is available but we decided on a set menu which came with chicken tikka (SO DELICIOUS, by far the tastiest I have had in Korea and bonus of no bones), chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, garlic naan and plain naan and amazing sauces.

Of all the Indian food restaurant we have visited in Korea (Naan, Utsav) this was by far my personal favorite. I thought all the food was perfectly spiced and mouthwatering. Also the food came with basmati rice which was another plus. I still have quite a few more Indian food restaurants to try out in Korea so stay tuned for those :), it’s a hard life.

Smile if you're ready to eat!

Smile if you’re ready to eat!

Back to the food! The chicken tikka came boneless and was really good. The chicken tikka masala was more on the saucy side but wasn’t too creamy, it was a good mixture of creamy and spicy. The meal came with plain naan but we made sure to order a round of garlic naan, both of which came out perfect (I hate when naan is burnt)!

Overview of the meal

Overview of the meal

Chicken tikka...SO YUMMY

Chicken tikka…SO YUMMY

Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala

Garlic naan

Garlic naan

Pricing on this restaurant was about average, a little more on the pricey side but I think worth it for the quality of the food and the nice atmosphere of the restaurant. A plus is that on the Saturday night we visited the restaurant wasn’t busy at all, which made the time between ordering and eating quick, just the way I like it.

As I mentioned before, so far this was my personal favorite but within the main group (Josh, Eunji and myself) there is disagreement on Indian food, so I will have to keep trying new places and then make a whole post dedicated to all the restaurant we have tried and where they rank.


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