Burger Bay in Seoul…aka Burgers Bigger than Your Head!

So….it’s that time again…the time where I blog about yet another burger. Somehow I cannot help but be super excited about eating cheeseburgers while living in Korea. I swear, in the States I do not really get that excited about eating burgers…maybe it’s because I live near In-N-Out and Five Guys so delicious cheeseburgers are always close by. I still stand by Burger in New York as being the BEST burgers in Korea. And now…I think I have found the BIGGEST. We had heard about this hamburger joint from some coworkers and we were told that the burgers were huge…and for the sake of burger science we decided we must try these large burgers.

After some not so careful consideration we decided on the bacon cheeseburger. From prior warning we ordered the burger without almonds….but not without peanut butter. What peanut butter and almonds add to a burger I’ll never know, but if you happen to find yourselves in Burger Bay ordering a giant burger make sure to order it without peanut butter and almonds (unless you’re into that sort of thing). I have to say I wasn’t expecting much taste wise from the burger…something about it being so large made me expect it to taste like most novelty food….blah. But, I was pleasantly surprised and the burger tasted pretty good! The largest size burger easily could feed 4 people. Since the burger is so large they cut it up for you (much like a pizza would be cut up) and provide you with the burger holding papers. We ordered the Oakland fries which apparently are non-curly curly fries and obviously delicious.

Burger Bay, home of the giant burgers

Burger Bay, home of the giant burgers

The menu

The menu

Here it is in all its glory...the giant bacon cheeseburger

Here it is in all its glory…the giant bacon cheeseburger

Close up shot...look at all that cheese!!!

Close up shot…look at all that cheese!!!

The decor of the restaurant is strange. The whole time I felt like I was in a friend’s awkwardly decorated apartment. Apparently Christmas decorations and Lego toys were the main source of interior decoration along with mismatched chairs. Not my cup of tea, but not the worst decorated restaurant I’ve been too.

The strange decor

The strange decor

Overall, I would say if you are in the Hongdae, Seoul area and in the mood to eat a giant burger, then definitely hit up Burger Bay!


4 thoughts on “Burger Bay in Seoul…aka Burgers Bigger than Your Head!

    • thesockmonkeyproject says:

      The buns weren’t sugary…just like a typical hamburger bun only giant! And yes, the cheese was yummy! Overall a decent burger despite its novelty size (and some sauce that I suspect was peanut butter)!

      Liked by 1 person

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