Winter Vacation Night 2 Phuket: a Cabaret Show! (Bonus Video!)

Night 2 in Phuket we went to a Ladyboy Cabaret show at Moulin Rose. I had wanted to go to a cabaret show while in Thailand, but honestly I had no idea what it would be like. Our running joke on the way to the show was that there would be 5 people in the audience, and we weren’t too far off since there ended up being 7! Which to me was such a shame because it was a highly entertaining show. It was about $9 to get into the show which included a beer. The show was about an hour (not including about 20 minutes of power failure….which means you sit in the dark and hear the upset screams of about 20 ladyboys…which is pretty entertaining in an of itself). There were many different acts in the show, all of which were lipsynced to popular songs (most in English). Some acts there is a single performer, other acts as many as 10 performers come out. Many of the acts include dancing and some were even supposed to be comical…think an older ladyboy who is mostly boy singing Marilyn Monroe and twirling around. All in all it was nothing like what I expected and I really did enjoy the show. However, be careful because at the end they all flock by the exit and hound you for tips as you leave. I did what I had to and claimed I had no money and said Josh had all the money…we ended up tipping them around $20-30 which was about the same price we payed for the show and a drink.

I would say if you are open minded and careful with your money to definitely go and enjoy a Cabaret show. You will spend most of your time scratching your head trying to figure out if the performers were really males at some point as some of them make stunning women. And if you are particularly adventurous and at a smaller venue I would recommend going to the bathroom between sets, there’s nothing like waiting to use the toilet next to a 6 foot tall ladyboy in 7 inch heals wearing huge angel wings fixing her makeup.

3 thoughts on “Winter Vacation Night 2 Phuket: a Cabaret Show! (Bonus Video!)

      • Jeremy Coker says:

        Sweet! Glad you enjoyed it! Doubt we’ll ever get the chance but I’d love to take you to this interesting dance club I used to go to in Sacramento. 🙂 It’s an adventure.


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