Ice Skating in Seoul!

As per my earlier post on being sick in Korea, by the time the weekend rolled around I was still pretty ill. But, Josh and I had already booked our bus tickets to and from Seoul and I didn’t really want to stay home all weekend so I just toughed it out and we went up to Seoul for the weekend. Now, I was supposed to relax and take it easy but when does that ever work out? Friday night we took some coworkers to our favorite chicken restaurant (they have a locations in Busan and Seoul so Josh and I pretty much eat there every weekend) and then stumbled into a random club. Saturday was supposed to be a tame day but I really needed to get some shopping done (Christmas presents to send home and to purchase a down jacket). Then, I had to eat lunch (Japanese curry, it was amazing…maybe I’ll do another what I ate in Seoul post). Finally our friend Eunji had booked us tickets to go ice-skating and I just couldn’t pass it up. The last time I went ice skating was about 7 years ago and something about the freezing temperatures and Christmas lights everywhere really got me into holiday spirit.

Lights in front of the Grand Hyatt

Lights in front of the Grand Hyatt…I wasn’t messing around in the cold! I am wearing: wool leggings, jeans, a long sleeve shirt, down jacket, parka, massive scarf and a wool hat.

Huge Christmas tree in the hotel

Huge Christmas tree in the hotel

The place we went ice skating was the outdoor rink at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul…which is a pretty swanky hotel. They had a massive lobby with a huge Christmas tree, the front was completely decked out in lights and just overall reminded me of malls being all decked out for the holidays. When the three of us finally did get on the ice I realized that I am really not that great at ice skating. And not only that, Eunji is pretty much unable to ice skate at all….so what exactly were we thinking going ice skating…in a really tiny ice rink (that totally looks way better in pictures) that is overrun with children going the wrong way. I think I grumbled around for 10 minutes before I got over myself and just skated around the whole time holding on to Eunji’s hand so she wouldn’t fall. In the end, a great time was had by all.


And the pictures of the evening:

Getting ready to put our skates on

Getting ready to put our skates on

View of the hotel and ice rink

View of the hotel and ice rink


4 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Seoul!

  1. Jeremy Coker says:

    Hooray for ice skating! Did you get ‘tornadoed’? Josh will explain. 🙂 Even if it’s small…. at least it’s really pretty.


      • Jeremy Coker says:

        Oh he doesn’t remember? 🙂 One time awhile back Josh and I went ice skating at Anaehim Ice. There was this totally arrogant jerk doing tricks and spins in the middle of the ice (except he was way too close to the regular skaters). When I went by him, he did this crazy spin with his arms straight out and almost hit me. So, I told Josh I almost got ‘Tornadoed’. 🙂


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