Thanksgiving does not exist in Korea. But I guess you could have figured that out on your own…you know since the pilgrims didn’t find South Korea to my knowledge. Regardless, Josh and I decided we would still celebrate since we have always celebrated Thanksgiving back home.

So….how to go about Thanksgiving….some difficulties that arose:

PROBLEM: Turkey is NOT popular here in Korea. I have personally never seen it on a menu or in the small grocery stores we regularly shop at. I did see a pre-cooked turkey for sale online for about $90, but I’ve never eaten a pre-cooked turkey before and if I’m being completely honest I’m not that big of a fan of whole cooked turkey anyways.

SOLUTION: Let’s just cook some delicious chicken instead and call it Chickengiving! I chose to make chicken breast with lemon juice, oregano and a ton of black pepper…and it was a hit!

Black pepper, lemon and oregano chicken

Black pepper, lemon and oregano chicken

PROBLEM: I’ve never made stuffing before (other than the kind that comes in a box that you cook on a stove) and I don’t have an oven.

SOLUTION: Make it in a toaster oven, it will taste pretty good just be a little burned on the top.

Stuffing, pretty much the only really Thanskgiving-esque thing at the table

Stuffing, pretty much the only really Thanskgiving-esque thing at the table

PROBLEM: Making mashed potatoes without a strainer, peeler or a masher…

SOLUTION: I’m kind of a boss in the kitchen so I skinned the potatoes with a large knife, Josh strained them in the pot and then I mashed them with a fork…and they still turned out awesome tasting.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes


SOLUTION: No gravy

PROBLEM: Pumpkin Pie…..haven’t seen any in Korea. Although I have seen where you can buy overpriced canned pie filling online. But, I hate pumpkin pie…

SOLUTION: Fondue…not the most traditional for Thanksgiving dessert but this is Chickengiving and rule breaking is both expected and rewarded.

And for dessert, fondue!

And for dessert, fondue!

PROBLEM: Green been casserole, yams and all that other extra stuff…

SOLUTION: Yeah, couldn’t be bothered to eat that stuff when it is real Thanksgiving so I’m sure not going to strain myself to cook it for Chickengiving.

ADD IT ALL UP AND WHAT DO YOU GET? An awesome Chickengiving meal.

Yummy Chickengiving Meal

Yummy Chickengiving Meal

Josh at Chickengiving

Josh at Chickengiving

You can see the tiny "kitchen" I cooked everything in behind me!

You can see the tiny “kitchen” I cooked everything in behind me!

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6 thoughts on “CHICKENGIVING in Korea!

  1. Jeremy Coker says:

    Nice job! Looks great! Loved your solution to gravy. 🙂 You should try duck sometime…. if you haven’t already. It’s my favorite bird to cook…. so yummy. Especially with the sauce that I make.


      • Jeremy Coker says:

        Nope. It doesn’t taste like chicken or turkey. Hard to explain it…. you have to like dark meat, though. If you’re a white meat only kind of person, you may not like it.


      • thesockmonkeyproject says:

        I will have to try it again then. If I remember correctly the only time I ever ate duck, it was served with pasta and reminded me of gamier tasting chicken. Seems like a hard to find meat!


      • Jeremy Coker says:

        With pasta? That doesn’t sound like a good mix. Duck has such a strong flavor it needs to be by itself with basic seasoning or a really good sauce. And yep… it can be tricky to find. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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