Some adventuring around our small town! (Bonus Video!)

A couple of months ago when the weather was pretty hot and sticky the teachers at our school decided to show us to the local swimming hole. It was about a 15 minute ride by scooter, 25 minute hike in and then about and hour and a half of fun in a large puddle. Josh decided to bring his GoPro and here is what he filmed of the adventure. You can see us riding on the scooter and really get a feel for how BEAUTIFUL the area we live in in Korea is. As I have said before Korea is a beautiful country, there are many mountains and trees everywhere. When we shot this video all the trees were green, right now they are in the process of turning yellow, orange and red. As a born and raised So Cal girl this will be the first time I truly get to experience fall…pictures to come soon!

Anyways, here’s a look at our town, Josh’s scooter skills and us just hanging around having fun with water!


4 thoughts on “Some adventuring around our small town! (Bonus Video!)

  1. mom says:

    OMG, Whitney. I so remember doing this when I was little with all my cousins (aunt Kyoung, uncle Steve, uncle David and many other cousins). I’m so glod you experiened the wilderness. Thanks for the video and we’re going to miss you guys this holiday. Love U!!!


    • thesockmonkeyproject says:

      We are going to miss you too!!! It has been great exploring the country, I didn’t realize how beautiful Korea would be but every place we have been has been stunning and filled with trees and mountains.


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