Seoul Stuff…Custom Stamps (Dojang)!

Before leaving Korea I wanted to get a custom stamp (dojang) made for my brother as a gift. I finally settled on one of the many shops to get the stamp made in Insadong and then had to decide what I wanted on the stamp. In these stamp shops there are usually an array of different types of stones, sizes and many of the stamps are already engraved and decorated with designs. I went for what I think is the best option and chose a blank stamp and chose what I wanted engraved on the stamp. For my brother I chose to have his full name in English with the year and then his name in hangul (Korean) on the bottom (the part that gets stamped). When the stamp was completed I was really impressed with how it turned out. Because the stamps are stone you have the choice of either stamping in melted wax or ink.

Stamp shop in Insadong

Stamp shop in Insadong

There she is making Matt's stamp!!

There she is making Matt’s stamp!!

Still carving up the custom stamp

Still carving up the custom stamp

Matts custom dojang!

Matt’s custom dojang!

Shortly after getting the stamp for my brother I decided I couldn’t leave Seoul without having one made for myself. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to go back to the same shop in Insadong where Matt’s stamp was made but I did find a small shop tucked away in the back of the Cafe Street where we were¬†shopping and really lucked out. The guy there was really an artist and spent a lot of extra time making sure my stamp turned out just right. He even added a design on the side and was completely open to any design. In the end I think I like my stamp better….I’m just kicking myself I didn’t wait to have Matt’s stamp made there too.

Hidden stamp stand off of the cafe street

Hidden stamp stand off of the cafe street

Pre-decorated stamps

Pre-decorated stamps

Artist making my stamp!

Artist making my stamp!

Carving away.....

Carving away…..

End result...he stamped it into wax...mine says "Wih tah nee Mac" in hangul...pretty cool huh?

End result…he stamped it into wax…mine says “Wih tah nee Mac” in hangul…pretty cool huh?

All in all the custom stamps came out amazing and I already have plans to have a few made for some people that shall not be named…


4 thoughts on “Seoul Stuff…Custom Stamps (Dojang)!

  1. beachplayer says:

    I know this isn’t the most recent post but I’m looking to have a couple of these made and am hoping to can tell me the location of the second shop you used… where is Cafe Street? Thanks for the info and thanks for this review!


    • thesockmonkeyproject says:

      The cafe street is called SamCheong Dong…there’s quite a few cafes and places to shop. The second shop was a little stall in an alley along some shops. There were a couple of vendors selling clothes and accessories and his stand was tucked away in there. Here’s his blog:
      Hope this helps and good luck!


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