Busan Birthday Fail :(

So this past weekend Josh and I headed in to Busan with 4 other teachers to enjoy a night out on the town in celebration of Josh’s birthday. And unfortunately we had a pretty horrible night where we didn’t get to dance and have fun as we were all anticipating. To make a long story short, don’t ever go to FIX nightclub in Busan…they had a pretty sad display of racism and sexism and just aren’t worth visiting.

The night wasn’t a complete bust as we didn’t want to let any one else’s ignorance completely ruin our night out on the town, but very little really happened. So…needless to say Josh’s birthday celebration is a rain check until we can party the right way in Daegu.

We started off on a good note…

Getting ready for some fun...not

Getting ready for some fun…not

Hanging out at Bar Chir, good start to what would be a crappy night

Hanging out at Bar Chir, good start to what would be a crappy night

So we started our night off hanging out at the bar area attached to Chir Chir (chicken joint we ate at on our last visit to Busan, very yummy). After that we took it upon ourselves to find a club to dance the night away in….and that’s when all the problems started. First off, we couldn’t find a club or bar to get in where there wasn’t an exorbitant cover charge. We finally settled on club Fix because girls got in for free and the guys would have to pay $20 so we figured in the end it would be about $10 a person and not that bad. Unfortunately since the girls got in for free there was a huge line for the girls and the guys could just walk in. So the guys went in the club first while 4 of us girls waited in line to get in. Once we got to the front of the line however the stupidity started. First, the bouncer idiot told our Korean friend that since she wasn’t wearing makeup she couldn’t get into the club. Ok, this sucked but she just got back from a medical conference and had already said she wanted to run home and get club ready so we thought well, maybe she can go home, get ready and meet us later as long as the other 3 of us can get in to meet up with the boys who were already inside the club. However, when the other 3 of us tried to get in the bouncer wouldn’t even look at us and was just shooing us to the side, when our Korean friend asked him why we couldn’t get in he told her “we weren’t dressed sexy enough”….ok, we had seen girls in flannel shirts allowed in to the club so we were super confused. After the confusion subsided the anger started to kick in and we thought screw this club we’ll go somewhere else we just need to get the guys and leave. But, once again the bouncer wouldn’t even let one of us in escorted to find the guys and we were even told “its not our fault they’re not answering their phones.” So enraged we kept calling on cell phones until finally the guys got the message and came out to meet us up front. Now, this is where is gets interesting…I don’t think the stupid bouncer realized that we weren’t kidding when we said our significant others were already in the club, it was pretty pathetic how quickly he changed his story once he saw 3 big guys come out of the club confused as to why their girlfriends/wives weren’t allowed in. Needless to say the guy quickly took back his initial comments and just kept saying it wasn’t his fault, probably because he thought he was going to get beat up. But, we’re classier than that so we had some words and left.

Only, we honestly couldn’t find anywhere worth while to go…we ended up going to some lame Canadian bar…I ran out when I saw there was nothing but bald old men…and the night ended up where it always does…at McDonalds.

After McDonalds we headed to our love motel B&W and crashed for the night…

Now if you think that this was the final disappointment Busan had in store then you are severely mistaken. Because we hadn’t anticipated an angry wakeup at 9 am from a screaming ajima….

It all started around 9 am when the AC and fan turned off in our motel room. Josh got up and after some tinkering around figured out that the power to our room had been shut off….weird….next there was the sound of a small electrical alarm…weirder….and then a crazy loud pounding on the door from a screaming ajima….Josh answered the door in his underwear to be greeted with an ajima foaming at the mouth even though he didn’t understand a single word she was saying…I think the jist of the story is that she was mad that there were more than 2 of us staying in the room (strange since there were 2 beds) and that she wanted us to get out, which we did.

So the moral of the story is don’t go to Seomyeon in Busan it sucks and to stay away from love motels run by crazy ajimas.

Don’t get too depressed…the next post is a good one đŸ™‚

PS I took some picks of the love package you get at a love motel before we got kicked out…

Love Package...

Love Package…

2 toothbrushes....which say "Have a Good Time" on the back

2 toothbrushes….which say “Have a Good Time” on the back

Ladies Set= Q Tips, cotton pads and a hair tie

Ladies Set= Q Tips, cotton pads and a hair tie

A razor

A razor

Lube, 2 condoms and what I think is massage gel

Lube, 2 condoms and what I think is massage gel

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