3 Weeks Down…Update on Teaching!

So today ends our third week of teaching here in Korea! It has been such a great experience and we have learned so much (especially first time teacher Josh!). Our first week of teaching Josh and I had really wonderful students! They were so excited to be at English camp and just extremely sweet and excited to be in class. The second week we both had larger classes (10 students each) and my students were really lovely but Josh’s class….well Josh had all the troublemakers.

Starting off on Mondays, we get a new batch of children in every week. First, the children are given an intro to CEV (Changnyeong English Village) and then they are split up to be interviewed by all the teachers. In the interview process we are determining each child’s level of English speaking, reading and comprehension. After the interviews the kids are divided among the teachers by level.

It was a bad sign for all the teachers when the 2nd week children were still getting their intro to CEV (they had only been on campus maybe 30 minutes) and 2 students were already in the hall with their hands up. Putting your hands up is a form of corporal punishment employed in Korea. Depending on who you ask Korea tends to be straying away from this means of punishing the children but out here in the countryside it is alive and well. In Josh’s class there was a horde of angry boys who seemed to be at war with one another…from what we were able to understand there were main children who hated each other and each had groupies. So these kids took every chance they got to physically attack each other…needless to say there were a lot of arms up in the hallway that week. There is a silver lining to every cloud and the lining to this story is that at the end of the week the children were a little better behaved and still hugged Josh and were sad to leave his class on Friday.

Week 2 Students

Week 2 Students

Josh's Week 2 Troublemakers

Josh’s Week 2 Troublemakers

This week we had only 2 days of teaching (Wednesday and Friday were holidays) and we got to teach….KINDERGARTNERS!!!! And since in Korea you are born as a 1 year old, these little guys ranged in age from 3-5 American years….they were so cute. On Tuesday Josh and I combined classes which was amazing having 10 little ones in one classroom to sing and dance with (they really enjoyed the Hokey Pokey and the Alphabet Song!). Thursday we were given a surprise when some special education kindergartners came and Josh was assigned to be their English teacher. Once I saw these kiddos I immediately became extremely territorial (having over 2 years working with special needs children back at home) so I asked our director to be assigned to their class which in the end made everybody happy. My Thursday class was just so much fun. We sang, we tried to color, we made hats and we did a lot of dancing. Thankfully, I have quite an array of children’s songs up my sleeve and I think young children everywhere love to dance and be silly. I was particularly sad to see the Thursday children leave as we had bonded over our brief time together…

Tuesday Kindergartners

Tuesday Kindergartners

My Thursday Kindergarteners

My Thursday Kindergarteners

Josh's Thursday Kindergartners

Josh’s Thursday Kindergartners

Overall Josh and I love teaching here and our experiences so far have been pretty great…this coming week we have an all boys middle school so it will be interesting to see how this group does in comparison to the rest (so far we have only had elementary school and kindergarten and it has been boys and girls).

Josh’s Collages…

SC3.jpg SC5.jpg


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