Downtown Daegu Round 2: Night Life


Our third weekend in Korea started off with a Friday night trip to Downtown Daegu. Now usually in our village (Gyesung) there is 1 taxi always present in front of the GS25 (7 Eleven), upon this most of the teachers have come to rely. However, on this particular day (which happened to be when we needed it most) there was no taxi present <shock, horror>. So the four of us that were supposed to take a taxi to the Downtown Changnyeong bus terminal ended up catching the bus which turnedĀ an 8ish minute ride into a 25ish minute ride (for some reason every time we take the bus from Gyesung into Downtown Changnyeong it ALWAYS needs to stop and get gas). Anyways the four of us in the bus were mildly panicking because the bus taking us in to Daegu was minutes away from leaving and we were afraid the other 2 teachers meeting us at the bus terminal would get on the bus without us when….we spotted the scooter couple on the road. The bus ended up pulling up right next to them at a red light and all four of us bus people then screamed at the scooter people through the windows that we would be running late and that they should buy our bus tickets for us. Needless to say we barely made it to the bus terminal and I think after all of us were seated the bus took off not even a minute later.

After our arrival in Daegu we went to a restaurant called Poom which was on the 7th floor. The food there was ok, I got a chicken and rice dish covered with cheese that I ended up trading with another teacher who got a really spicy dukk and chicken dish (never make trades for spicier food children, your stomach will hate you later). And we got “service” french fries!

Ploom....the best thing about it was the service fries

Poom….the best thing about it was the service fries

After dinner we thenĀ headed to a hotel we were all staying at (6 in a room to save money!) before heading to a bar. The bar we went to was pretty nice, they had an extensive drink menu and the bartendress was extremely nice. The most memorable moment of the bar was ….the TOILET! (Ok, just as a side note I really did not intend to have so much bathroom talk on my blog but for whatever reason I guess the bathrooms and toilets here have just been particularly post worthy!) This was the first time I have experienced the smart toilet. It came complete with atleast 10 buttons running alongside it on a giant remote control and I could not figure out where the stupid flushing knob was on the remote. For anyone who finds themselves in this same predicament I can save you alot of confusion and squeals (from the toilet shooting water at you)…..just look where the flushing knob typically is on the toilet and ignore the remote buttons altogether!!

Hotel lobby

Hotel hallway

Yes...our hotel room had a red zebra couch

Yes…our hotel room had a red zebra couch

I think the name of this bar was Cafe 21 Id

I think the name of this bar was Cafe 21 Id

Best Konglish of the night

Best Konglish of the night

Next we walked around for quite a while before settling on Urban, a bar with a decent DJ and dance floor. Much of the rest of the night was spent dancing into the wee hours of the morning before we all walked back to the hotel.

Nothing like doing the YMCA on stage...

Nothing like doing the YMCA on stage…

We leave as friends

We leave as friends

Ok ok, I almost didn’t mention it because it is THAT embarrassing but yes….we ate at McDonalds again…

I have no idea what this cute bear has to do with McDonalds

I have no idea what this cute bear has to do with McDonalds

Another great night out on the town!

Josh’s Collages…

DNC1.jpg DNC2.jpg


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