Luckily our second day in Daejeon our Eemo let us sleep in!!! So Josh and I woke up at 10 am (which was amazing because I don’t think we’ve properly slept in since we landed in Korea). After a great breakfast…bagels WITH cream cheese (impressive since we’re in Korea where dairy is a luxury), eggs, Korean sausage and freshly made grapefruit juice, Yoona took us into Downtown Daejeon for some shopping. At this point we were just looking to get some essentials = a HAND FAN! Do not laugh, if you don’t understand the power of a hand fan then you have not experienced true humidity! Also we were taken to a mall which was so interesting because the first level had really high end stores Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. and then we took an escalator down the stairs to where they sold FRUIT! My thoughts are that it was some kind of high end grocery store but it was still quite mind boggling as the last thing I was expecting to find under the Burberry store was produce.

Downtown Daejeon

Downtown Daejeon

After shopping we got some Bubble Teas….so good but mine was too caffeinated for me before attending an English Church service.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

After the Church Service we were taken to┬áthe KTX station…very sad to say goodbye to our amazing hosts for the weekend. Eemo and Eemobu were sad to see us go and as we were leaving loaded us up with fresh bread and some local wine.

The KTX ride back to Daegu was only 50 minutes but I still managed to get a bit of motion sickness…arghhhh both to and from Daejeon we were riding backwards on the train. I felt so queasy from too much caffeine and the train so we stopped inside the train station to get Lotteria (Korea’s answer to McDonalds) where somehow we managed to order exactly what we wanted despite some substitutions and our extreme lack of being able to speak in Korean (we are working on it!).

Lotteria, it reminded me of Wendy's

Lotteria, it reminded me of Wendy’s

After that it was an extremely crowded subway trip to the bus station, bus ride to our local bus terminal and then a taxi ride back to the apartments!

Just hanging out on the subway...with a million other people

Just hanging out on the subway…with a million other people

The people just kept pouring into the subway car

The people just kept pouring into the subway car

Daejeon was beautiful and I think Josh and I are planning on heading back in the fall when the weather changes to do some hiking and perhaps stay with the monks!

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