Getting to Korea


As mentioned before, getting to Korea was quite the process. It all started with our flight from LAX to Incheon Airport in South Korea. On this flight we flew with Asiana Airlines and it was pretty great. The stewardesses were all so pretty and nice- it really took me back to what I imagine it was like to fly in the early days of commercial airlines when it was a luxury to fly. The airplane was HUGE, ¬†every seat had its own TV which was stocked with movies, TV shows and even how to do in flight yoga to keep your body from getting achy on the long flight (I did all of the yoga exercises and I feel I looked like an idiot and my knees still hurt really bad). We were fed twice on the plane and the food wasn’t bad!!! I actually felt stupid because I was so fearful of crappy airplane food that I bought overpriced bland Mexican food in LAX and took it on the plane so I wouldn’t starve on the flight. For food options there was a selection of either Korean or American food and overall pretty decent. I feel like every hour there was someone walking by with drinks and we even got a pretty yummy snack between the meals. The only other overseas flights I can compare it to are when I flew to and from Europe in high school (I think it was American Airlines and Virgin) and I have to say I thought Asiana was much better.

Getting prepped for Korea....wearing house shoes on the plane (FYI apparently its ok to wear them in the bathroom too)

Getting prepped for Korea….wearing house shoes on the plane (FYI apparently its ok to wear them in the bathroom too)

First meal I chose to get bibimbap (note the handy little booklet that gives instructions on how to properly eat bibimbap :))

First meal I chose to get bibimbap (note the handy little booklet that gives instructions on how to properly eat bibimbap)

First meal Josh chose American option...

First meal Josh chose the American option…

Second meal we both opted for chicken pasta

Second meal we both opted for chicken pasta


So after our arrival in Incheon Aiport we had 2 ¬†hours and 20 minutes to get our luggage (luckily for us the guy who checked our bags at LAX gave our luggage priority), transfer our money from dollars into won, find the subway, take said subway to Gimpo Airport (about 45 minute ride), re-check our luggage and board the plane. Lucky for us Gimpo Airport wasn’t busy at all and we made it through with about 20 minutes before the plane took off. There are other options on how to get to Busan Airport one of which is a layover in Japan and I would recommend this option over flying in to Seoul since transferring airports is not fun. We did have a bit of a scare once we got to Gimpo Airport since there were really heavy rains and 5/7 flights were cancelled. As fate would have it luck was on our side and we did not have to sleep in an airport and wait for a new flight.


The flight to Busan was only a 1 hour flight which was good since the turbulence was crazy. As I said before it was raining like crazy when we got to Korea and many flights were cancelled because of the heavy rains. This flight was with Air Busan and a much smaller plane but it got us to our destination and that is what counts.


Next we had to find our taxi driver who the director of the school sent to get us. At this point I was exhausted to the point of being delirious but, I still did manage to appreciate the small disco ball light in the roof of the taxi before losing consciousness for the remainder of the ride. Once at the school we apparently pulled up the back way where there is no road to the apartments and we were greeted with a crowd which included a guy waving what appeared to be a small red light saber. Light saber guy ran across the field and guided the taxi driver to the correct entrance and next thing I knew I was being hugged, and 8 strangers were taking all our luggage up 2 flights of stairs to our apartment (thank goodness too since we had around 270 pounds worth of stuff). Our director and his wife were very nice as were light saber guy and his wife (head teacher) who gave us a brief welcome and intro to the apartment before we fell asleep.


All in all, we didn’t lose any luggage, made all our flights and arrived at our destination so it was a success!


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